Your favourite cookies of 2012

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Top cookies of 2012

Favourite molasses cookies of 2012

Choosing a favourite cookie is a very personal thing. And whittling it down to just one cookie can be nearly impossible. That’s why we have decided to list the Top 5 Molasses Cookies of the past year, as chosen by you, our blog followers. Based on blog traffic and Facebook buzz these five cookies came out on top. (Okay, technically it’s four cookies and a cookie e-book):

Cookie book

Actually, this “Top 5” is really more than five cookies since the favourite blog post by far was our cookie e-book. It features 20 cookie and bar recipes, a combination of old family favourites and new discoveries that we can’t resist.




Our gingerbread cut out cookies were a family recipe of mine that I shared in early December, just in time for holiday baking. They’re a favourite at Christmastime but I love them through the winter too, alongside a cup of tea or hot cocoa. They freeze well and include a blend of white and whole wheat flour for extra flavour and nutrition.


The molasses shortbread cookies were a huge hit. As rich are they are they’re a sort of comfort-food cookie, made a little earthy with the addition of just a few tablespoons of molasses.

Double ginger 2

The chocolate gingerbread cookies (classic sugar-dusted crinkles with a touch of cocoa) were another popular cookie and a clear staff favourite here at Grandma Molasses. We dressed them up for Christmas by dipping them in melted white chocolate but I think they’re really best all on their own.

Ila's cookiesMy great grandmother would be pleased to know that her soft molasses cookie recipe was one of your favourites too. I make them as whoopie pies for my kids.

Do you have a favourite molasses cookie recipe? Or do you have old favourites and new favourites like I do?

3 thoughts on “Your favourite cookies of 2012

  1. limda hannah says:

    U have a free cook book for these hoilday treats?

    1. Bridget says:

      Hi Linda, Our e-books are available online only, with the exception of our Family Favourites cookbook, which we send out for free. I’f you’d like a copy please forward your mailing address to Thanks.

  2. Deanne says:

    Love Molasse

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