Our best cookies for ice cream sandwiches

chocolate molasses crinkle cookie

The best cookies for ice cream sandwiches

I consider ice cream the ultimate summer treat.

We have a few favourite ice cream stands that we visit during the summer: one near our cottage, another within walking distance of our home and another on the way to swimming lessons. Needless to say, we don’t have to go out of our way for a treat and when I think about it, going to get ice cream is actually more convenient than getting groceries.

We don’t eat ice cream at home very often, but when we do we indulge in homemade ice cream sandwiches.

The ideal cookie for an ice cream sandwich:

The ideal cookie for an ice cream sandwich is a little soft and a little chewy. It needs to be soft enough to bend with around the ice cream filling and chewy enough that it doesn’t break into pieces each time you take a bite.

Our top 4 cookies for ice cream sandwiches

Lacy chocolate chip cookies

Mom's chocolate chip cookies 1

This is my mom’s recipe, a yummy chocolate chip cookie with coconut and walnuts. There’s a lot of flavour and texture in these cookies so I think vanilla or butterscotch ripple would be a great sandwich pairing. If you want to go the extra step try homemade molasses ice cream.

Chocolate molasses cookies


You could take the ice cream pairing in two directions. The actual recipe doesn’t call for any spices so you could choose a ginger ice cream, or something with brownies or chocolate fudge swirled in. If you want to add a few spices to the cookie then strawberry ice cream would be great, or something with a berry swirl. Lemon or orange ice cream or sherbet would be yummy too.

Brown sugar molasses cookies

Buttery brown sugar molasses cookies sandwiched with a creamy frosting

This is a classic brown sugar cookie so can handle an ice cream with lots of flavour. I’d go to town with a rocky-road-style ice cream or something with crunchy bits of toffee.

Molasses crackle cookies

Molasses crackle cookies - chewy with a crackly top sparkling with crystalized sugar

This is a classic ginger molasses cookie so you don’t need an over-the-top ice cream to make a great sandwich. A classic vanilla ice cream (especially French vanilla) or Neapolitan would be delicious. Homemade molasses ice cream would make a memorable ice cram sandwich too. (Omit the coffee from the molasses ice cream recipe for a true Halloween candy kiss flavour).

What are some of your favourite combinations for ice cream sandwiches?

My friend Heather makes ice cream sandwiches with ginger spice cookies and homemade pumpkin ice cream.


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