Free e-book – 46 recipes for easy everyday food

Free e-book - 46 recipes for easy, everyday food

The key to eating well most of the time?

Resolve and a great stash of recipes for easy everyday food. 

At least that’s my take on it.

I don’t have a perfect track record, mind you, but most days I can get good food on the table. Let’s just say I live by the 80/20 rule when it comes to feeding my family.

When people ask me about supper hour in our house, this is what I tell them…

Eating well when you’re busy can seem like the impossible but it’s more a matter of resolve and a great stash of recipes than it is time and effort…Some if the tastiest recipes have barely a handful of ingredients and are quick to whip up, even of spending time in the kitchen isn’t really your thing.

Which brings me to our newest “great stash of recipes”…


Free e-book - 46 recipes for easy, everyday food


Here on the Molasses and More blog we’re trying to make it easier for people to make good food, every day, which is why we’re pleased to be sharing another e-book.

Making Life Delicious incudes 46 of our favourite tried-and-true recipes; a good mix of breads and cookies, cakes and veggies and main dish meals too.

It’s a collection of everyday food. These are recipes that don’t require a whole lot of time to prepare and that are wholesome and satisfying.

These are recipes for easy everyday food.

This free e-book is easy to view — just click and the file will open for you. No e-reader required. Feel free to download it to your own computer if you prefer.

Here’s to eating well, every day. .




By the way, we have a growing library of free e-books on Molasses and More. Take a peek…


Wholesome snacks for kids – a free e-book

Wholesome Snacks, a free e-book featuring 16 recipes for healthy homemade snack food

Will I spend the rest of my life craving new pencils and pens at the end of August?

It’s warm and sunny. We’re still mowing the lawn. My tomatoes have yet to ripen. It is very much summer. But, I keep thinking about September. I’d say this preoccupation was a little cruel, if it weren’t for the fact that I get a nostalgic sort of thrill each time I think of September.

I can’t be the only one who has this kind of seasonal anticipation. Am I?

Yes, we have kids in school but even before our kids came along we got into back-to-school mode each year towards the end of summer (although we had left school behind a decade earlier.) At the same time, the back-to-school flyers drive me crazy. They remind me of the work it takes to get back into the swing of things. I prefer to focus on the pleasure of new beginnings. Sure there is a little bit of dread (we’ll be busy with kids’ activities) but the newness of it all is exciting.

And there are ways to simplify the routine, which brings me to our new e-book full of healthy snack recipes.

Wholesome snacks for kids - a free e-book featuring 16 recipes for lunchbox and afterschool snacks

Wholesome snacks for kids

A free e-book featuring 16 recipes for lunchbox and afterschool snacks

Part of getting back into the swing of things is baking more, and planning snacks for school lunches, our lunches and afterschool. To make it easier to get set for the fall routine we have gathered 16 recipes for muffins, cookies, bars and brownies into a convenient e-book. These are wholesome grab-and-go snacks, made healthier with nourishing ingredients. There is something for everyone, including gluten-free options, snacks that go with breakfast, and brownies with a healthy twist.

They’re satisfying snacks that pack well, travel well and freeze well.

Everything you need for homemade convenience.

This is a free e-book in a simple PDF format for easy viewing, downloading and printing. No e-reader required. Download our free e-book: Wholesome Snacks for Hungry Kids

Wholesome snacks for kids - a free e-book featuring 16 recipes for lunchbox and afterschool snacks

Visit our library of free e-books, download our free e-books, print them, share them with friends.

Barbecue e-Book Featuring 21 Barbecue Recipes for Summer

BBQ - small

You might be surprised to discover just how well molasses suits summer.

Something about its tangy sweetness seems to fit right into the rhythm of relaxed eating and backyard meals.

I have great summer memories of picnics on the beach and potlucks on the deck, enjoying the company of family and friends. Braided into these memories are the favourite summer foods often shared at these events, like my Uncle George’s beer barbeque sauce and my mom’s cheery potato salad.

Beer BBQ sauce and potato salad

Just in time for Father’s Day we have gathered many of our favourite summer barbecue recipes into a Barbecue cookbook featuring 21 recipes for the grill (sauces and marinades for meat and fish) a variety of side salads and dressings, and of course summer sweets.


In this barbecue recipes collection you’ll find:

  • My Uncle George’s beer barbeque sauce
  • Molasses glazes for shrimp
  • Spice rubbed ribs
  • My mom’s potato salad
  • Pecan pie squares
  • Peach gingerbread, and more.

Twenty-one new ways to make your summer celebrations and lazy weekends more memorable.

View our BBQ e-book here (no e-reader required).

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The Bread Book – 25 favourite bread recipes in a free e-book

The Bread Book, a free e-book featuring 25 favourite bread recipes for yeast breads, tea breads, muffins and scones, all made with wholesome molasses
Get our favourite bread recipes in a free e-book

What’s more comforting than homemade bread? No matter the season or even the time of day, bread is a staple in the house, the comfort food that satisfies. The smell of fresh-baked bread can stop you in your tracks and bring back memories that you can almost taste.

Such is the power of bread.

What if you could have all of your favourite bread recipes at your fingertips, in one little book…

I’m excited to share with you our first ever “Bread Book” – an e-book collection of our favourite yeast breads, tea breads, muffins and scones, all made with wholesome molasses.

It’s a one-click download that’s simple to view or print. Just click on the image above, or the link below, to open the book and review the 25 recipes included, along with full colour photos.

Get your free Bread Book e-book here.

From no-knead brown bread to molasses walnut scones and spicy ginger muffins, you’re sure to discover some new favourites in this collection, and may be some old favourites too!



Our favourite gingerbread in a free e-book

Warm up your November with our newest e-book devoted entirely to gingerbread

If you’re like me and crave the warm, spicy flavour of gingerbread when the days get shorter and the weather cools then you’ll love our new e-book. Devoted entirely to gingerbread this book is guaranteed to make the coming winter a little more delicious. In it you’ll find 13 of our gingerbread favourites, from the old fashioned gingerbread that I grew up with to fruit-topped ginger cakes and decadent gingerbread squares. And because we all like to dress up our gingerbread from time to time, I have included a few recipes for sweet toppings. This is a free download.

Just click to view or download. No e-reader required!

Our favourite cookies in a free e-book

Our favourite cookies and bars in a free e-book

What’s better, the taste of molasses cookies or the smell of them in the oven? It’s a toss-up for us too. And really, who needs to choose when baking from scratch gives you the best of both worlds?

If you’re especially fond of cookies and bars we think you’ll love this little collection of recipes. It’s an assortment of family favourites from long ago and new discoveries that we can’t resist, all delicious, wholesome and rich with the sweet flavor of Fancy Molasses.

So whether you’re looking for lunchbox cookies, an afternoon treat or a little something sweet after dinner, I hope you’ll find it here among the 20 recipes that we have gathered for this special collection.

Is your favourite molasses cookie missing from this collection? Let us know.  We’re already thinking about volume two.

Click here to download the cookbook!

 Just click to view or download. No e-reader required!