What is molasses?

Ever wondered where molasses comes from?

Molasses is made from the juice extracted from mature sugar cane. It is then clarified and evaporated to the consistency of a syrup, possessing a rich colour and a sweet-tart taste. The molasses is then fine-filtered and pasteurized resulting in a pure, sweet product.


What ingredients are in molasses?

There is only one ingredient listed on the Grandma Molasses carton: molasses. That’s because molasses is a pure product with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Molasses is an excellent source of many minerals. It is a natural and healthy sweetener and is an excellent topping on cereal, bread and many other foods.

Celiac disease and molasses

Grandma Molasses does not contain any of the following: wheat, rye, triticale, oats, soy or barley. We contacted the Canadian Celiac Association who also assured us that our molasses is safe for people with Celiac disease.


Is there sulphur or sulphites in molasses?

Grandma Molasses Company Limited does not add sulfur or any if its derivatives to any molasses products. However, Blackstrap and Cooking molasses do contain small amounts of sulfites which occur naturally.

Is Grandma Molasses Molasses safe for people with peanut allergies?

Yes! None of our products contain any nuts and beginning in 2009, to further prevent the risk of cross-contamination, our plant went completely peanut-free by banning peanut products from the facility completely.

What is the shelf life of molasses and how should it be stored?

Molasses is best kept at room temperature between 10°C to 21°C (50 – 70°F). The shelf life of molasses is generally 18 months when kept below 21°C and under reasonably steady conditions of temperature and humidity. Refrigeration or freezing may crystallize the natural sugars and therefore is not recommended.

How to read the Best Before Date on your container of molasses:

The code on the top of the package is a “Best Before” date. The date code itself is comprised of 4 numbers, 2 letters and 2 more numbers, which takes the format of year/month/day. For example, a code that reads “2016 JA 29” means that the molasses is best before January 29, 2016.