Easy and delicious Holiday breakfast recipes

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Four easy and delicious Holiday breakfast ideas
Easy and delicious Holiday breakfast recipes

Oh I love holiday breakfasts. No one is in a hurry to get things on the table, no one is in a rush to finish, and there is time for another cup of coffee, and may be another.

Holiday breakfasts are for lingering.

Is that the pace at your house over the holidays?

I suspect for most the joy in lingering is all about timing. There are things that need doing first thing in the morning before you can really enjoy a long sit down.

I have friends who, as children, on Christmas morning had to eat a full breakfast before even so much as getting a peek at the tree in the living room. In our house growing up we had to wait for my eldest sister – the family sleepy head – to wake before we could all line up and file down the stairs. Now with my kids all I ask is that I have time to make myself a cup of coffee before the mayhem.

(Someday I’m sure we’ll be sipping our coffee waiting for our kids to wake on Christmas morning but for now we’re still crossing our fingers that they’ll sleep until 5:00 or so.)

Easy & delicious breakfast ideas

Since breakfast is often the most rushed meal of the day, taking a leisurely breakfasts feels a bit like an indulgence.

If that suits you just fine I have four breakfast ideas meant for lingering and suited to appetites big and small:

Molasses flax waffles:


molasses flax waffles

Molasses sticky buns:

Molasses sticky buns

Molasses walnut scones with vanilla glaze:

molasses walnut scones with vanilla glaze

 Blueberry pancakes:

blueberry pancakes


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