Barbecue e-Book Featuring 21 Barbecue Recipes for Summer

You might be surprised to discover just how well molasses suits summer. Something about its tangy sweetness seems to fit right into the rhythm of relaxed eating and backyard meals. I have great summer memories of picnics on the beach and potlucks on the deck, enjoying the read more

Our favourite holiday recipes in a free e-book

Making homemade gifts is one way to simplify the season In our newest e-book you'll find some of my favourite molasses cookie recipes and a selection of other homemade treats that are perfect for gift giving. As well, the book includes our best recipes for appetizers that are gr read more

Our favourite gingerbread in a free e-book

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Our favourite cookies in a free e-book

Our favourite cookies and bars in a free e-book What’s better, the taste of molasses cookies or the smell of them in the oven? It’s a toss-up for us too. And really, who needs to choose when baking from scratch gives you the best of both worlds? If you’re especially fond read more