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My name is Marie-Pierre Lessard and I’m the Content Manager for Grandma Molasses®. I manage the social networks and the website for this Canadian company. I also help out with creating recipes and taking pictures. This job is a great excuse to cook (and taste) lots of great recipes!

My team and I created this site so that molasses lovers have easy access to a variety of recipes that showcase the flavor and authenticity of molasses, its versatility, and its sweet, slightly bitter taste.

All the recipes my team and I put on this site have been tested by us, our families and our friends. After all, food is meant to be shared, and trying new recipes is a real pleasure. Finally, since the majority of our recipes come from relatives or friends, it is certain that they have already passed the taste test.

By the way, my team and I love the comments! Especially when they are sincere and honest. Please let us know what you think of our recipes and what you would like to find here. We would also like to know the favorite recipes of your family. In fact, some of our favorite recipes come from our readers!

Come on, have no fear! Let me know your opinion by email at mpierre@crosbys.com

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Let’s eat well, every day!

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