Molasses crumb cake recipe

  Looks like this might be a weekend to hunker down and do some baking. Or drink tea and read the paper. Or build an ark. The forecast is calling for up to 120 mm rain over the next couple of days so we won’t be doing much outside. A weekend inside isn’t a bad read more
orange spice crackle cookies

Orange Spice Crackle Cookies

If you had to choose your all-time favourite cookie, could you do it? Could you narrow down your choices so that one and only one cookie emerged as the favourite? I know I could. I’d choose these orange spice crackle cookies, and this is why: The cookies are beautifu read more

One-bite molasses brownies are extra fudgy and easy

Summer has arrived in my neck of the woods. Blue sky and glorious heat. Every window in the house opened wide all night. We’re not exactly wilting in the heat but it’s a respectable 26 C with a salty scent of the ocean in the air. This is our ice cream season, the time o read more

20 recipes for Holiday treats in a free e-book

Have you ever spent an afternoon digging through recipe folders and books to find a particular recipe, a family favourite that you make every year? It's usually in one particular spot, but last year you remember saying to yourself, "I'm going to tuck it here so I don't have to read more

Bakery Style Molasses Crinkle Cookies

  Bakery Style Molasses Crinkle Cookies Makes 20-22 cookies ½ cup butter ⅓ cup sugar ¼ cup (packed) dark brown sugar ⅓ cup Crosby’s Fancy Molasses 1 egg 2 cups flour, spooned in 2 tsp. baking soda 1½ tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. ginger ½ t read more

A better bran muffin recipe

  Who doesn’t love a good bran muffin? That’s a bit of a joke -- I know loads of people who won’t go near them. I’m convinced it’s because there are too many flavourless, leaden bran muffins out there. Commercial muffins are the worst. (Have you noticed that wh read more

Pork chops with sauteed apples and molasses cider glaze

We’re thick into apple season and every weekend I have a new bushel on my counter to use up. I love them for snacking, apple sauce and baking but once and a while I remember that apples are lovely in main dish meals too. This recipe is loosely based on a recipe I came across read more